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The Homeowner’s Toolbox

 Buying or renting a new home is an exciting event, no matter how many times you do it. And no matter the extent the improvements or esthetic changes you intend to make, every homeowner should possess some basic, reliable tools in order to do so safely and effectively.
Before we get into the actual list […]

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Good Fences Make for Good Neighbours

For most of us, the snow and ice have finally melted which means, among other Spring and Summer delights, BBQ and patio season. If you are like us, nothing beats firing up the barbie and lounging over drinks and burgers under the glorious, long awaited sunshine. Now, if you are fortunate enough to […]

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This weekend found me, not unusually, with paintbrush in hand, applying a very “Easter-y†shade of lavender to my daughter’s bedroom. In case anyone is keeping track, this would be the seven go-zillionth coat of paint I have applied to any surface.
Paint is an amazing medium for sprucing up almost anything: furniture, floors, walls, […]

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So, we were having dinner with some friends over the holidays, (champagne is a food group, right?) and they were showing me their new kitchen. Lovely as it is, they complained that their former kitchen, with less than three linear feet of old, ugly countertop and original cabinetry was more functional than their bright, shiny […]

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The Flip

Ahhh, the flip…You’ve all heard of them, some of you may have seen them on television; a charming, attractive team of designers and builders snatch up a home for next to nothing, buys some kitchy-cute panelling at a vintage shop around the corner, refinishes a claw-foot tub, and voila!  A cool hundred G’s in their […]

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Welcome to the Main Renovations Blog!

We are so excited to bring this blog to you!  Whether you are conducting research on your own renovations or simply looking for some light reading with your morning coffee, this blog should provide you with some interesting facts on home-building and renovations, a few laughs and hopefully some fun […]

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